Track Memo

Official Team Memo


Welcome to the 2015 track & field season!  Please read  this memo as it contains important information.  For you to be eligible to participate in a school sponsored sport, you need to have a physical examination completed and signed by a doctor within the last year of competition.  A practice permit card then needs to be filled out and submitted to the clinic. Athletes will not be allowed to participate until this obligation is met.


Sweats and uniforms will be issued before our first meet on April 15th.  To obtain sweats and a uniform, athletes must meet each of these requirements:


1. Physical and Concussion Form is on file in the clinic

2. Athlete has ZERO failing grades


Once all above criteria are met, athletes will be supplied with a sweat top ($20) and bottom ($20) and a uniform top and bottom ($30/set).  An inventory will be taken, and the equipment issued will be expected to be returned at the end of the season.  Athletes will be billed for anything not turned in.  Keep track of your issued gear!


Our first practice is on Monday, March 30th.  Practices will begin at 3:00 everyday unless there is a meet, poor weather, or otherwise noted by a coach.  Individual consequences will result for all tardy athletes without a building pass or written teacher/parent note.  We want to conduct efficient practices with intensity.  Being late is an unwanted distraction for the entire team.  Make sure you have a note if you are late!


Practices will end by 4:30 each day.  It is very important to have a ride ready to take you home at this time.  Coaches will try to honor the 4:30 end time, so please have rides set up accordingly.  All athletes should be picked up and off Harding grounds by 5:00.


To be eligible to compete in meets, athletes MUST be passing ALL their classes.  Coaches will be provided with information regarding student grades each week.  Please remember that academics always come first, and the coaching staff will strongly abide by this belief.  In addition to passing grades, athletes will be held out of meets due to poor behavior at or away from practices and meets.  Please represent the Harding track and field team in a positive fashion at all times.


Track and field is a sport that epitomizes competition in its purest forms.  You will be trained and conditioned to compete against area athletes in a variety of situations.  In doing so, you will gain strength, speed, endurance, and a competitive drive.  These are all important components to many other sports, making track and field a worthwhile experience.  Finally, let’s have fun and achieve together as a team!  GO CHARGERS!!


-Coaches Kiwala and Busta