Keyboarding skills are no longer vocational in nature, but necessary to communicate, extract, and disseminate information. Poor or no keyboarding skills will severely hamper today's student in their quest for knowledge. Touch typing strategies are taught through the use of a typing tutor titled Ultra Keys. This program focuses on key recognition, fingering patterns, and posturing in learning to touch type. Another learning tool we utilize in keyboarding is the Speedskin. The Speedskin is a rubberized keyboard cover that ensures the student gains nothing from looking down at their keyboard, which reinforces good posturing learned in class. Each student will keep a keyboarding chart in Microsoft Excel, tracking their progress from week 1 through week 9. Columns for scores with and without the Speedskin cover will be shown to assess the student's ability to touch type. In addition to Ultra Keys, online Keyboarding links shown below will be used occasionally at school or at home to enrich the keyboarding experience and reinforce learning.


Ultra Keys Screen-Shots


    A shot of the interface while typing a lesson





Skill Checks available for different fingering patterns





    Speedskin used to assess touch typing ability




Qwerty Keyboard Configuration

Learning to type more efficiently



Online Keyboarding Practice

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