Boys Track-

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Coach:  Chad Bakkum (


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General Information 

Athletes are required to have a signed doctor's physical within the last year of competition.  Sweats and uniforms will be provided by the school at no charge, unless not returned at the end of the season.  Please review the official team memo for more information regarding the cost of sweats and uniforms. Practices will begin at 3:00 and be finished by 4:30.  Athletes need to be picked up by 5:00.  Meets usually begin by 3:45 with field events.  Running events start shortly thereafter.  End times range from 6:30-7:30, depending on the size of the meet.  Athletes will not be bussed back to Harding after home meets and will need to be picked up from Kennedy HS.  Busses should arrive to Harding by 8:00 after all other away meets.  Please contact a coach for more information.  Thank you for your continued participation and support!